Guy Geltner is a historian of crime, punishment, mendicants, health and cities at the University of Amsterdam, where he arrived after studying at the Hebrew University (BA, 2000), The University of Wisconsin at Madison (2001), Princeton University (MA, 2003; PhD, 2006), and The University of Oxford (2006-2009). He has been a fellow at Harvard University's Villa I Tatti and Stanford University's Humanities Center and a visiting professor at Monash University and Birkbeck College, London, where he developed his recent interests in premodern healthscaping. He advocates the free exchange of ideas, based on curiosity, knowledge and insight, and seeks to reduce to a minimum any obstacles that stand in its way. This means openly sharing research, on the one hand, and actively involving students in the process of learning and evaluation, on the other. Most recently, he has helped found ScholarlyHub and BodoArXiv.


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